Smolenaers Constructie en plaatwerk, The Netherlands

Quality Requirements

At Smolenaers, 1.5 years ago, we faced a significant challenge to improve our production process. Our customers increasingly requested high-quality deburred products, and our manual process no longer met the contemporary quality standards. This led us to the decision to invest in an advanced deburring machine. After careful consideration, we chose a machine from Q-Fin, which could provide us with the consistent quality improvement that our customers demanded and were willing to finance.


The choice for Q-Fin was further strengthened by several decisive advantages. One of the most important for us was the delivery time; Q-Fin could deliver the machine within two months, while the waiting time at other suppliers sometimes exceeded a year. Additionally, the Q-Fin machine was compact and took up relatively little space in our factory, which is essential, as every square meter saved reduces costs!

We have since purchased a second Q-Fin machine, the F200 for small products, which is also running smoothly!


We view our collaboration with Q-Fin as very positive. We see Q-Fin as an innovative company that radiates enjoyment in its work. This enthusiasm is not only visible in the products they deliver, but also in their marketing and customer interactions. Q-Fin visibly invests in their presence at trade shows, maintains a well-kept showroom, and is active on social media, all of which contribute to the positive image we have of them. This has given us confidence that with Q-Fin, we can elevate our production to a higher level of quality and efficiency.

Smolenaers met Q-Fin

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