Haimerl Lasertechnik, Germany

The pursuit of Quality, Flexibility, and Innovation at HAIMERL Lasertechnik

HAIMERL Lasertechnik is based in Leonberg, Baden-Württemberg. With approximately 20 employees, their dedication to multitasking jobs, creative thinking, flexibility, and continuous development seamlessly aligns with our philosophy at Q-Fin. In this customer video, they share their experiences with us and our machines as a crucial partner in the pursuit of quality, flexibility, and innovation.

Specializing in the production of sheet metal parts primarily from aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, HAIMERL’s parts find application mainly in machine construction, particularly in thin sheet technology. Their sheet thickness ranges from one to six millimeters, showcasing their versatility to meet diverse industrial needs.

The F1200 XL, our Q-Fin machine with three stations, stands as a valuable asset at HAIMERL. This machine enables them to round and deburr parts, apply polishing agents, and ultimately ensures the high-quality finishing that defines their products. HAIMERL acknowledges that the quality of their components directly impacts the end products delivered to their customers.

Q-Fin plays a crucial role in this quality chain by delivering a machine that not only meets the demanding standards of HAIMERL’s customers but also incorporates state-of-the-art technical equipment. This seamlessly aligns with HAIMERL’s ambition to digitize their business operations, a vision further supported by the functionalities of the machine.

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