Wet Extractor

When grinding, deburring or cutting metal, it is essential that the health and safety of those in the vicinity is considered. The results of working with metals in this manner, produces a fine layer of dust and debris, a byproduct of the cutting process. This fine layer of dust can be detrimental on many levels and for the sake of both production efficiency and safety, should be removed quickly.

At Q-fin, we sell a choice of different extraction systems especially designed to deal with issues such as this, including the WES 3000 3kw model. WES, which stands for wet extraction system, operates using a wet filter and is one of the safest ways to extract excess dust and fine particles. It is also available in two other variations, the 6000 and 12000, for even greater extraction power.

The use of a wet extractor is of paramount importance to your business and can prevent fire and explosion hazards. It features a floating valve, which controls the water volume and is electronically controlled. These systems operate at maximum efficiency and can be combined with virtually all of our deburring and finishing machines, removing the dust at source. Ensuring it is completely cleared away before it becomes a problem.

The use of water in wet extractor models, allows the aluminium and magnesium particles to be removed from air circulation immediately. Once absorbed by the water, it is stored as a sediment to be disposed of. A safe, cost effective option for your business.

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