Wet extraction unit

Working with metal is a tough and harsh environment. The process involves specialised machinery, that has been designed to cope with the extreme strains of the everyday pressures put upon it. As with all machinery, these must be maintained to the highest standards and the disposal of waste products is a vital part of this. Metal dust can be a hazardous issue in the workplace and can lead to major problems if not dealt with properly. To ensure the highest standard of disposal, we offer a range of wet operating extractor systems.

A wet extraction system is a safe and easy way to ensure that the waste products will not cause future issues for your business. Tiny metal particles in the atmosphere can prove fatal to your production line and can damage machinery, as well as endangering the health of your staff. This is especially true in the production of aluminium, where a wet extraction unit is a necessary piece of equipment, reducing the risk of fires.

The beauty of a wet operating extractor, is that it collects all the loose particles in a wet environment, safely cooling them down and preventing them from re-entering the atmosphere. By using this equipment, the wet extraction system ensures that the metal dust never has a chance of contaminating the working environment or causing further issues. If you would like to know more about our wet extraction unit systems, or would just like to discuss the options available to you, please contact us.

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