Top Grinder

No matter what kind of business you are in, there is always a carefully walked line between cost and production. Low investment into your company will not help it in the long run, but where finances are limited, the cost effectiveness of options becomes that much more important.

Leaving metal cutting machinery untended is simply not an option, as the pitting, metal burring and general wear will only get worse if neglected. So there comes a time in every metal handling business, where you start looking at the best options within your budget. The TopGrinder finishing machine is exactly what it claims to be. A top grinder in every way, it is an extremely efficient piece of machinery that comes in at a very competitive price point.

The Top Grinder is a manually operated machine, that offers processes including grinding, deburring, edge rounding and even high gloss polishing, all in one compact unit. Much faster and indeed safer, than manual deburring, it takes away the pressure of hardworking machinery, making it as good as new. The balance arm on the TopGrinder, gives you the choice of grinding pressure, via its carefully designed springs. The grinding head comes with two different holders, allowing you to attach a choice of tools.

This impressive piece of kit can accommodate workpieces up to 780mm wide, with unlimited length. With options that are able to easily process stainless steel, aluminium and steel, this ergonomically designed machine will keep your business and production line, running smoothly.