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Top Grinder machine

With its deburring machines, Q-Fin puts the perfect grinding machine on the market. Unique in its kind because of the standard powerful vacuum system, user-friendly thanks to the automatic brush-depth configuration, safe because of the finger safety button and door safety. In other words, the ideal grinding machine for workpieces from 10 uptill 1200 mm wide. Our fully automatic grinding machines are economical because of the long service life of grind and brush materials and its low power consumption. The ergonomics for this grinding machine also have been given due attention. The height adjustment is depicted digitally, the abrasive belt is easy to change and the material containers are removable. Compared to other grinding machines, the convey belt of the grinding machine of Q-Fin features a freely adjustable speed. Q-Fin has as its mission the professional production, delivery and service of high-quality grinding machines. Most stable and high quality mobile grinding available, with a convenient balance arm (swing arm) giving you the possibilty to determine the grinding pressure yourself.

TopGrinder deburring machine

Besides the fully automatic deburring machines, we also develop the TopGrinder deburring and grinding machine. This semi-automatic deburring machine is easy to use. With little effort, you can produce a very high-quality edge rounding, simple deburring, grinding and even high-gloss polishing.

The manually operated TopGrinder deburring machine is built with the Q-Fin vision. Therefore, as a standard the TopGrinder is equipped with freely adjustable speed and our vacuum system so that workpieces are always firmly clamped onto the work table, and you are always working safely. Manual deburring was never as inexpensive and simple as with this deburring machine. Optional the Top Grinder machine can be equipped with 2 or 4 electro magnets to fixate steel or ferro products even more firmly than with the vacuum system.

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