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An essential part of any successful business is reliable machinery and to ensure that, it must be subject to regular maintenance. Burring is a common form of wear and tear, and one that those in the metal industry face on a regular basis. As your equipment deals with harsh materials, small metal spurs and dents are formed, threatening future productivity unless addressed as soon as possible.

Steel grinders have been designed for just this purpose and are capable of attacking these imperfections before they damage your business. The TopGrinder by Q-fin is a manually operated machine and can tackle tasks such as deburring, edge rounding, polishing and grinding, with ease.

The TopGrinder is a mobile device and so, is fully portable, making it easy to move between different pieces of equipment. It is straightforward to use and features a two button control mechanism as an added safety precaution, ensuring complete peace of mind when operating it.

With its vacuum system (magnet system also available), fully adjustable speed and balance arm, it puts you firmly in control of operations and allows you to adjust the settings to your precise requirements. This process is far more efficient than a manual grinder and will speed up downtime, allowing you to run your production line at maximum efficiency.

The dimensions of this steel grinder are 1200 x 780mm and it is capable of processing both steel and aluminium. The tools attached to the grinding head are interchangeable and give you the option of using everything from a large selection of grinding tools, to bowl brushes. Contact our friendly team today for further details.

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