Smart Link

With the Q-Fin Smart Link your office is directly connected to the machine and it can therefore be controlled via your ERP system. Your machine becomes fully programmable; programs are automatically read in, also by means of a barcode scanner, it is in connection with the supply and discharge system and the brush height compensation is automatic. Via the smart link, Q-Fin can provide remote service, reducing any downtime even further.

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A Competitive

At Q-Fin, we like to do things differently. Why? Because you’ll never be the greatest if you only look at others. To us, becoming the best isn’t a goal in itself. But the competitive advantage that you gain from working with our machines, is.

We help organisations that want to make a lasting impression.
Those who believe that simple production processes are not obstacles, but opportunities to distinguish themselves from the rest. Just as we also strive to stand out.

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