Arbèl b.v. Welding and Sheet Metal Industry
Barry Noordman

"Manual grinding of sheet metal parts is now a thing of the past. Despite our 3 existing finishing/deburring machines, there was still a desire for a better finish on the products we make. Since the SER1200 Multibrush machine can create both a directionless and line graining finish, we are extremely flexible with only one machine, so this advanced all-rounder fits our bill perfectly. I expect to save the work of two employees with it, freeing up those same people to achieve the desired growth. The extensive automation makes operating the machine relatively easy. With the Multibrush, we can continue to guarantee perfect 'Arbèl finishing' and our craftsmen can focus again on doing other quality work."

- Barry Noordman

VDL Mast Solutions
Paul Joordens

"Due to the 1200 mm wide slag removal machine followed up with an F1200 deburring and rounding machine from Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines, the parts required for mast constructions are of an equally higher quality. This requires less use of the grinder after the cutting process, resulting in less inconvenience on the floor and faster smooth rounded parts.
Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines thanks for the wonderful machines and good service!"

- Paul Joordens

Manager at VDL Mast Solutions
ASK Romein Staalbouw
Matty van Dongen

The reason that we have chosen a deburring line from Q-Fin is actually four points, namely: one is the reliability of the machine, two are the people behind the machine, three is the health of our own people, the dust is extracted at source and four is the constant quality of the machine. We work in a market segment where our clients demand a high level of finishing. The finishing level is P2 or P3, where a radius of between 1 and 3 millimetres is required.

- Matty van Dongen

Technical director at ASK Romein Staalbouw
Dowling Metal Products
Michael Dowling

‘’Finishing is going really well. Much faster than I expected, the customers are very happy and the bar has gone up. I am really glad with the outcome of the machine. Now I’m learning more about linishing and edge rounding. I feel our decision for the Q-Fin machines will give us the lead on other customers. We will test the machines to the limit.”

- Michael Dowling

Director at Dowling Metal Products
Erwin Stokman

"We can deburr 99.99 percent of our parts in these machines. From the smallest euro-sized ring to the large sheet metal parts for the housings of the machines. The variety of products is quite diverse. Both machines are therefore in daily use. We are constantly improving within Niverplast. We are happy to have a partner like Q-Fin."

- Erwin Stokman

Production manager at Niverplast
VHM Machinery
Danny Schilder

By insourcing parts of the production process, work is expanded and you can realize your own quality requirements. And where that can be supported and automated, you naturally look for the best company to do so!
This also applies to the brushing and deburring of our sheet metal. We now realize the finishing touch with these applications of Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines.

- Danny Schilder

Business manager at VHM Machinery
MWA Steel
Henk Landeweerd

This week the Q-FIN F1200 deburring machine was delivered and it is now in full use.
With the purchase of this machine we are increasing the speed of finishing, creating a better working environment for the employee and delivering a consistently high quality product.
It is a pleasure doing business with the people of Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines.

- Henk Landeweerd

Co-owner of MWA steel
Hovécon BV
Homme van der Veer

"Q-Fin has supplied Hovécon with an ultimate set, these innovative machines are going to provide us with consistent quality and fit well with our laser cutting machine. In recent years we have put a lot of effort into improving the quality, service and safety of our employees to distinguish ourselves. The ultimate set consists of an F1200 and an F200 XL deburring machines and a WES6000, wet-acting extractor. The throughput of both machines is very high.
We are proud of this investment because this is a big step forward in our ultimate goal; which is to stand out in quality and have fun at work.
Q-Fin does what it promises and matches that perfectly."

- Homme van der Veer

Owner of Hovécon BV
AIS Construct PGmbH
Erwin Maraite

For us, only one choice remained, because the Q-Fin deburring machines smoothly achieve the required edge rounding to radius specification from 1.5 to 2 mm diameter. Moreover, the machines are very good and infinitely adjustable.
An efficient deburring phase is an integral facet of our performance as a company, both qualitatively, productively and logistically. Our Q-Fin deburring machines are therefore a decisive final link, and I can recommend our current concept to everyone in the sector.

- Erwin Maraite

Business manager at AIS Construct PGmbH
Eric Wadeleux

"We chose these two machines because they met our requirements perfectly and could also be delivered very quickly. They were installed in half a day and our team could be trained very quickly.
This allows us to quickly correct a series of parts before moving them further into production. Previously this work was done by hand on an angle grinder, which was time consuming and of lower quality."

- Eric Wadeleux

Process Engineer at Joskin
Reurings Precisie Plaatwerk BV
Aad Reuring

“Their story is just right. It comes from people who really work in the field and know what’s being requested. The showroom, the open assembly hall and the knowledge centre also make Q-Fin’s accommodation in Bergeijk look great. That gives you as a customer a lot of confidence. We can process 70 to 80 percent of the parts we cut on this machine. The quality is now super. Our people now have a maximum of one and a half to two hours of pleasure behind the machine every day. The machine is very easy to operate. We can also easily leave it to trainees. You can’t make mistakes. It saves us a lot of money. It will repay itself within a year and we will achieve a great improvement in quality.”

- Aad Reuring

Director at Reurings Precisie Plaatwerk BV
Jos van den Bersselaar constructie B.V.
Adri van Gils

"We had been looking for a long time for a machine to get Radius 2 on various metal parts. The grinding was still done manually or we grinded with a milling tool. That meant unpleasant, a lot of dirty work with a lot of noise. We are now completely done with that. Our employees are very happy with it. 'We should have had such a machine ten years earlier,' they said."

- Adri van Gils

Head of production
De Cromvoirtse
Bart van Gisbergen

“This machine was not only purchased to round off the contours, but especially to remove the oxide layer from the cut edges of thick material. Precisely because of this we have chosen this Q-Fin machine. It gave the best results when removing the oxide layer. The finishing machine is equipped with a return belt, so the parts can be processed on both sides without manual intervention.”

- Bart van Gisbergen

Head of sales at De Cromvoirtse
Frank Nys

“Q-Fin’s specialists evaluated our products and proposed the appropriate machines, set-ups and grinding materials. After the various tests, we were immediately impressed by the quality of the finish and the possibilities of the proposed solutions.

Because we really use our short delivery time as an asset, we have to achieve this. The Q-Fin machines allow us to work more efficiently and safely and to present even better results to our customers. And all this at a considerably shorter processing time. Because the machines are very easy and intuitive to operate, a training session of a few hours was sufficient. For now, we are all set for a time with our renewed machine park, but if we need extra machines in the future, we know where to go”.

- Frank Nys

Director at Metalaser
Benier Nederland BV
Joost Wevers

Combination of machines offered the speed we were looking for

“Why? Because they could offer a combination of machines for small and large sheet metal parts. When we reviewed our process, we found out that 80% of our parts are smaller than 200 mm, 20% is larger. If you buy one machine for all dimensions, it will make unnecessarily long strokes with the many small sheet metal parts. That takes a lot of time, not very efficient. But Q-Fin had the perfect combination. All small parts go on the F200 XL, the other on the F1200. Ideal! You can work quickly with both of them; we can therefore deburr much more per hour than with one other machine. Furthermore, at Q-fin they have no no-nonsense equipment. That’s what we were looking for. No complex controls, endless settings on large screens. Off you go, easy to operate. This also makes such machines practically error-free. And with basic instructions, everyone can quickly get to work with them.”

- Joost Wevers

Production manager at Benier Nederland BV
Martijn Speulman

“Not all material coming from VDL IM’s laser cutting and punching machines needs to be deburred. I estimate that it is about 50 percent. These machines will save us about 30,000 euros a year compared to the old situation. This is due to the quality costs, less unplanned downtime and lower operational costs. What’s more, we now have two machines, one for small parts and one for the larger products, which we can turn on both at the same time. So we can work efficiently. The small F200 XL can also be used to process material that we still drum a lot. That saves time and noise, and you don’t have to deal with contamination from soap emulsion. And because of the wet filter installation, we can use the machines not only for stainless steel, but also for Ferro materials.”

- Martijn Speulman

Sheet metal manager at VDL IM
Gerard Verrijt

Wow, that saves a lot of time.

“Before the acquisition we only had a deburring and rounding machine for large. We processed the smaller parts by hand. And we have quite a few small components. So it’s a big step forward. You do the math, if you have 13 employees who have to polish and finish each part by hand. The costs for these labour hours all together, while the machine does it in a few seconds. I estimate that mechanical edge rounding is 10 to 15 times faster. The first thing my people said was, “Wow, that saves a lot of time! It was a real relief.”

- Gerard Verrijt

Head of workshop at Arbel
Simon van Kuijk

“Overall I can quantify that exclamation globally. Of all the small aluminium and stainless steel products we deliver, we now finish 90% by machine. What the Q-Fin machine does in 1 hour, 1 employee can’t do in 1 day. It really saves a number of people we otherwise would have had to employ extra. So we quickly earned back the machine.”

- Simon van Kuijk

Director at Arbel
Heinrich Caroli GmbH
Anibal Marques

“Dynamic Joint Braces for Patients with limited mobility are usually in visible Range. For having Pieces without sharp edges and a beautiful surface, we count on Machines from Q-Fin. After getting in Contact we were invited to Q-Fin in the Netherlands where we were able to test the machines with our own Parts we brought. And we were instantly convinced! We optimized our cycle time substantial and save now a lot of time. We are now able to handle 90% of our workpieces automatically.”

- Anibal Marques

Production Manager Heinrich Caroli GmbH
Metaalcenter Driessen B.V.
Antal Driessen

“To be honest, I’m quite impressed myself. So much that I post about it on LinkedIn. It’s not my intention to come up with trivialities, but let’s face it, this is worth it!

There is one problem... A customer who has received products with this finish from us, will never want unfinished products or not as well finished products again. Well, we like to do it and we 100% support the quality of the products we supply.”

- Antal Driessen

Owner at Metaalcenter Driessen B.V.