What is metal slag removal?


Lian explains, the Q-Fin applications. Last time, she discussed the most frequently asked questions about finishing sheet metal. Many steps precede this final step in the metalworking process. So does the removal of metal slag. In this blog Lian tells you all about it. What exactly is metal slag? “A metal slag is a stony piece of waste that forms when metals are melted. These metal slag creates differences in height on the products, which gives an undesirable result. That is why these slag is removed.”


How do metal slag form?

“When cutting steel using plasma cutting or gas cutting, slag can form. Melted steel accumulates at the cutting edges of the product. These processing methods are usually used when cutting thicker steel plates. A number of factors influence slag formation. For example, alloys containing a lot of carbon will result in more slag formation. But the material temperature, surface properties and material composition also determine the amount of slag formation.”


Why remove metal slag?

“As indicated earlier, metal slag causes unevenness in metal parts. This does not contribute to the strength and protection of metal, but is rather a form of waste. Also, metal slag does not look attractive or professional. Finally, it makes it difficult to apply an adhesive coating to the surface. Reason enough to remove the slag. But how?”


How to remove metal slag?

“Although metal slag can also be removed manually, with hammer and chisel, this is done less and less often. It is time-consuming and unsafe for the production worker.
Nowadays, more and more machines are available for the removal of metal slag. Special slag remover brushes are used for this purpose. These brushes can be placed in the Q-Fin deburring machines for example, to remove slag quickly and easily. We have also designed a free-standing 600 mm and 1200 mm wide deslagging machine, specially for slag removal. By placing this machine in front of a deburring machine, you prevent the removed slag from ending up in the deburring machine. This is beneficial for the life span of the deburring machine.

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