What is edge milling?


What is edge milling?

Lotte explains. The last application of our machines: edge milling. In this blog Lotte tells you all about it. Starting with the basics: “Edge milling is the application of a bevel or radius at a certain angle on a metal workpiece. With a milling machine, pieces of metal are removed from the original product until the product has the desired shape, also known as machining.”


Why edge milling?

“The application of bevels has great advantages. The welding edge provides a larger welding surface, which allows the welding material to adhere in more places. This improves the connection between the two sheet metal parts and also improves the weldability.

Besides milling a weld edge, it is also possible to mill a radius on your product, from R=2 to R=8. The application of a radius is desirable when a product is to be powder coated or galvanised. When the radius is not large enough, the coating will not adhere well and the metal may come through the powder coating too strongly. The reason for this is that the surface to which the coating can adhere is not large enough.”


How to edge mill?

“Edge milling can be done in different ways. Firstly, there are small, handy machines. Also called handheld milling machines. However, here you have a greater chance of mistakes and much trouble with vibrations. In addition, these machines are quite heavy to work with.

Secondly, there are handheld table milling machines, such as the TopEdge from Q-Fin. Using such a machine reduces the risk of errors. You can also work much lighter and there is less vibration.

The last possibility is computer-controlled milling, also known as CNC milling. This involves working with pre-programmed computers, which makes it possible to mill very efficiently, reliably and precisely. This way is used when it comes to large series of the same design and rarely with sheet metal work.”


Besides the TopEdge for edge milling, Q-Fin specialises in developing, building and selling machines for deburring, edge rounding and finishing sheet metal parts. Discover our extensive range online or come and have a look in our showroom in Bergeijk!


Edge milling is just one of the applications that our machines can help you with. In our previous blogs, Lian & Lotte tells you all about our other applications.