What is dust extraction?


What is dust extraction?

Lian explains. Last time she discussed the most frequently asked questions about radius 2 rounding. A lot of dust is generated when working on metal parts. That is why Q-Fin developed two machines to extract this grinding dust. Lian tells you all about it. “The word dust extraction says it all. It is the extraction of the grinding dust that is released when working on a metal surface.”


Why dust extraction?

“Grinding, deburring, rounding and finishing are common and necessary activities in the metal industry. All these activities produce a considerable amount of dust that can cause health problems and is a nuisance and pollutant in the working environment. It is therefore of great importance to properly extract this metal grinding dust. A clean working environment not only increases the health and safety of your employees, but also contributes to higher productivity.”


How to extract dust?

“In many cases it is possible to extract the dust at the source. Whether it is a hand tool or a stationary machine. Depending on the size of the machine, different extraction techniques can be used.

There is also a difference between wet and dry filters. With wet filters, the grinding dust is drawn through water. For reasons of fire safety and to prevent the risk of explosion when extracting aluminium grinding dust, we recommend these wet extraction systems to every sheet metal working company that grinds or deburrs. It is not for nothing that a fire in a metal company almost always starts in the extractor or in the pipe work. Also, replacing the filters in a wet working exhaust system is not necessary.”

Q-Fin specialises in developing, building and selling various machines. We also have 2 wet working exhaust systems in our assortment. Discover these and other machines online or drop by our showroom in Bergeijk!

Dust extraction is just one of the applications our machines can help you with. In our next blog Lian will tell you all about removing oxide layer removal.