What is deburring?


In 2022 Lian, our Marketer, explains our applications one by one. This time she discusses the most frequently asked questions about deburring. Like, what exactly is deburring? Lian is happy to explain: “During the cutting of metal parts, sharp, raised edges or, in other words, burrs, can occur. The removal of these burrs is called deburring.”

Why remove burrs?

“Deburring workpieces has a number of advantages:
- Because the sharp edges are removed, injuries are prevented. It also makes the product more manageable.
- The material looks smoother and more beautiful.
- Dirt is repelled better.
- The material is more resistant to weathering.
- A possible coating will adhere better.
In short, you can’t avoid deburring your products if you want to deliver a high-quality product.”

How to deburr?

“Within the metalworking industry, two mechanical deburring processes are mainly used: manual or mechanical. I am happy to explain both processes to you.”

Manual deburring

“Here you can think of a metal file, angle grinder or Flex machine. The relevant deburring tools can be mounted as required. Manual deburring takes a lot of time and energy, is stressful and unhealthy for the operator and usually does not give a constant finish quality.”

Machine deburring

“Every year the range of deburring machines is extended. The method of deburring can therefore differ greatly from machine to machine and from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are manual, or semi-automatic deburring tables, but also fully automatic deburring machines with conveyor belt.
More and more companies are switching from manual to machine deburring. On the one hand because it is difficult to find labour in the current work climate. On the other hand, because customers demand a constant quality of finish. A deburring machine is also easy to operate and many times faster than deburring by hand. How much faster differs per machine manufacturer. The efficiency goes up, so the investment is earned back quickly.”


Q-Fin is specialised in developing, building and selling deburring machines. With our machines you get the best in the market: they are at least three times faster than comparable machines. Do you also want to deburr as efficiently as possible? Discover our extensive range!

Sheetmetal deburring is just one of the applications that our machines can help you with. In our next blog, Lian will tell you more about grinding metal parts.