Radius 2 in one pass


Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines introduces the new SER600 Super Edge Rounder. This machine is specially designed to apply a 2 mm radius on steel in one pass, with a speed of 1 M/MIN.

There is a lot to do about a 2 mm edge rounding (r = 2 mm). The question is whether such a substantial rounding is really necessary to prevent sharp edges, or more important to apply a protective layer (for example, when powder coating or galvanizing) on ​​the sides, which is as thick and strong as the layer on the rest of the part. This discussion is particularly important because it requires a lot of effort to get a R2. A lot of material must be machined; for R2 about a hundred times more as for R0.2. Nonetheless, the central government uses Radius 2 as standard for public installations in which sheet metal is used as a general rule. This edge rounding must therefore be achieved. This can be done by milling, but this is very expensive. The material can also be removed by abrasive techniques (sanding and grinding), both manually and mechanically. The manual application of a radius of 2 mm to is very labour-intensive and therefore increases the cost price. In case of rounding the products with a deburring machine, the material has to be run through the machine several times before reaching a R2 rounding. In many cases it is not even possible due to the shape of the product or characteristics of the machine.

Specifically built for R2

Q-Fin introduces the SER600 that can apply a 2 mm radius on steel in one pass. "This is not a standard machine that can also give a large edge rounding, but a machine that is specifically built to put a R2 on steel", emphasizes Joost Kouwenbergh, Product Manager at the machine builder in Bergeijk. "If you want extreme finish results, you need to do something special. That is why we have developed this unique machine. "

The SER600 has a considerable size. It is about twice as long as the regular F600 deburring machine in the Q-Fin range. This is because the machine has five workstations: one grinding belt upfront followed by four brush units. The uniqueness is mainly in the brush principle, the way of brushing. Kouwenbergh explains: "The first two brush units give pressure from above. Brushes three and four work the sides". The combination ensures a perfect rounding of 2 mm on the product.

The SER600 with magnetic conveyor belt is suitable for working steel sheet metal parts up to 600 mm wide, with a material thickness of 4 up to 150 mm. The length of the products is unlimited. The Super Edge Rounder machine is an important addition on the current machine program for Q-Fin. "Our finish options were already comprehensive, but R2 in one go was not possible yet. Now we can achieve that. "According to Kouwenbergh, there is definitely a need for this machine in the market. "Of course it is a niche market. Those who work with thin stainless steel sheet metal parts do not need this machine, but a construction company who is involved in the production of public installations on behalf of the government or parts for the petrochemical industry does. For products that need to be powder coated or galvanized, this machine is ideal and that's why we have high expectations. The first response of potential customers is very enthusiastic”.