Q-fin scores with new design


"Super". Anton Bax, director-owner of Q-Fin Quality Finishing only needs one word to describe the way in which the new design of his machines for deburring, grinding and rounding of cut flat sheet results has been received by the market. "Everyone finds the new look progressive. We have set a new standard."

The new machines (model year 2018) had their Dutch premiere at METAVAK in Gorinchem and the European introduction was a week later at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart. At both fairs the models were an eye-catching appearance.


Inspired by mobile phone
First of all because of their outer shape. The new Q-Fin machines have tight rectangular shapes, but also stand out because of their transparent character thanks to the large acrylic windows and the use of LED lighting. The condition of the machine can be seen from a distance by the colour of the light. Anton Bax and the designers he worked with were inspired by modern mobile phones. As with the telephone, the grinder is completely black when it is switched off and lights up when it is switched on. In operating mode, the appearance is blue and in service mode, the lighting turns bright white, which ensures good visibility when working. If the machine is in malfunction, it turns red. This makes the new machines not only an attractive appearance in the workplace, but also very functional. The doors are made electrically without visible hinges or screws. And there are also several improvements compared to the previous models. The brush units have been adjusted to make them easier to adjust and the grinding unit has been made more stable. The small machine for the small parts now has standard thickness measurement. If you are working on both steel and stainless steel on one machine and need to change the brushes for this purpose, you can easily place these brushes in the brush storage in the machine, so that they are always at hand.

Q-Fin has also chosen for the striking new design because of the plans to build an international reputation. "Design in mechanical engineering is becoming increasingly important because every DGA wants a decent factory with beautiful machines", says Anton Bax. "In addition, you can distinguish yourself with it." And that was particularly evident at the Blechexpo. Q-Fin showed the F200 XL (for deburring, grinding and/or rounding workpieces from 10 mm to 200 mm wide), the manually operated, mobile TopGrinder and the deburring machine for the finishing of sheet metal parts up to 1200 mm. The grinding specialist from Brabant emphasized that with the small machines for small products and the wide machines for large products, all common products can be finished. Faster and better than with any other machine. "We control the finish of each cutting product and are convinced that our machines are superior. With a complete set of one large and one small machine (so-called Ultimate set), you can solve your entire deburring issue." With this message, Q-Fin scores particularly well with experienced users. "Because they recognize the problems and know what the difficulty is when deburring - especially of small parts. They see that our machines offer a perfect solution for this."

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