Metaalcenter Driessen B.V. up-to-date


Metaalcenter Driessen located in Weert is one of the Q-Fin users from the very beginning. After 4 years of loyal service, owner Antal Driessen thought it was time to switch his machines for the latest versions. The Q-Fin deburring machines are the machines with which he can save the most money, says Antal. He is so enthusiastic about it that he even wrote a blog about it:

Today the big changeover trick took place at Metaalcenter Driessen B.V.

The company Q-Fin B.V. came to replace our old grinding/rounding machines and wet extractors with new ones.

An F200 XL was replaced by a new version of the F200 XL with some new options and of course the new “look”. This machine is only used for laser-cut products from stainless steel and aluminium to provide rounded cutting edges and a re-grinded surface. This machine is equipped with a vacuum system, so that the stainless steel and aluminium products remain perfectly fixated on the conveyor belt during the processing.

An F200 was replaced by a new F600 also with the new look. This machine is only used to provide laser-cut steel products with rounded cutting edges and a re-grinded surface (directionless brushing). This machine is equipped with a magnetic support system, so that the steel products remain perfectly on the conveyor belt during processing.

A bit of training in operating convenience and maintenance is of course also part of the job. Through this training we have been refreshed and updated to take account of the new possibilities. We are ready for it again! As of tomorrow we are back in full production!

Dust-free grinding for a healthy working environment is certainly not new to us. However, also the extraction we had for the two “old” sanders, have now been replaced by a new extraction with double capacity. Of course, this extraction is only activated during the grinding process.

The suction is switched on automatically during the deburring process. This makes the operation both energy efficient and healthy for our working environment.

All in all a beautiful set to look at and a pleasure to work with!

By supplying your products in a user-friendly manner, these too will become a pleasure to work with within your organisation.

Also, a “lace rounding” ensures a better adhesion of a lacquer or coating. This in combination with our oxide skin free products (steel up to 12mm oxide skin free), the perfect solution for a tightly lacquered result!

The 600mm wide machine (F600-MAG) for steel laser cut products!

The 200mm wide machine (F200 XL-VAC) for stainless steel and aluminium laser-cut products.

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