Benier invests in Q-Fin deburring machine


Over 100 years, Benier designs and builds systems to produce and process all kinds of dough. These systems are used in both craft bakeries as well as the industrial bread production lines.

Benier is paying a lot of attention to the quality of the dough and the careful management of the process, for example with measuring the dough. Besides they are using modern mechanical techniques and advanced control technology for a craft processing method.

Benier has a lot of experience with a large amount of products consisting of dough, whether the products are bread, buns, baguettes, panettone or pizzas. They offer a wide range of production processes, from traditional standard processes to custom-made processes.

Joost Wevers, manager productions at Benier Nederland:“We do everything by ourselves during the process of developing and building the machines. For example, we are engineering, producing, laser cutting, assembling and testing of the mechanicals and software of the machines before they go to the customers.”

Manual deburring is time-consuming
The hygienic design is of great importance to our customers. The cleanability of the machines shows the translation of this hygienic design. The machines of Benier are easy to clean because of the round edges and the lack of burrs. Besides by deburring and edge rounding the sheet metal parts of the machines, the customer can use the machine safely. Up to a year ago, Benier did this deburring and edge rounding process manually. According to Joost Wevers, this process was time-consuming, it was daily a two-man job.

Benier wants to deliver a consistent quality
Benier has done this process manually for a long time. But with a constant tightening of the customer needs, the company has looked for another solution. It was clear they needed to invest in a deburring machine. According to Benier, the greatest benefits of a deburring machine are the consistent quality of de edge rounding, a professional look of the sheet parts and the surface has no scratches or strange structures.

The combination of multiple machines gives us the speed we were looking for
Why Benier has chosen for the machines of Q-Fin? According to them, because Q-Fin is able to offer a combination of machines for small and large sheet metal parts. When the company looked to their production of the sheet parts, they saw that 80% of the products were smaller than 200 mm. The other 20% was larger than 200 mm. When you purchase one machine for all of the sheet metal parts, the small metal parts will unnecessarily make long strokes. This wastes time and is inefficient. But Q-Fin has an optimal combination, which suits perfectly with the processes of Benier. The F200 is capable of processing the small metal sheet parts while the F1200 suits the larger metal parts.With these machines, Benier is able to do deburr more materials than with every other machine. Furthermore, Q-Fin has no nonsense equipment and that is what Bernier was looking for. The machine is easy to control and has no endless settings on big screens. Everyone is able to work with the machines when they had a basic explanation. The machines are also almost without interferences.

Part of the process
The machines of Q-Fin are integral part of the processes at Benier. The nested sheet metal parts are going straight after the gathering through the deburring machines. So nobody can hurt himself. The process is optimised and the support of Q-Fin is fine. During a recent removal, Bernier had a small issue with the machines. One call to Q-Fin made this problem solved.