Metal dust extraction

If you work in the industrial metal manufacturing industry, then the potential problems that can happen on a production line will be no stranger to you, in fact issues such as metal dust extraction will be a part of your everyday working life, but are you sure you have the very best solution? Let us take the worry and strain out of the decision making process, as we are market leaders in our field, offering metal dust extractor options to suit all businesses, no matter what their size or budget.

Put simply, metal dust extracting gathers all the waste particles that are produced when working with and producing different types of metal and stores them away for safe disposal. This method ensures that there are no harmful particles floating about in the air and prevents possible inhalation by those that operate the machinery. This is just one of the reasons that metal dust extraction is vitally important as the obvious health risks this poses are potentially quite dangerous if left to build up.

Different types of metals provide different types of risks when working with them and some are certainly more prone to heat build up than others, especially when the small waste particles collide at speed. A top quality metal dust extractor filtration system will be able to take this in its stride, not only safely removing the particles from the surface of the metal sheeting but cooling them down and gathering them together to form a larger, less flammable surface.

If you are unsure about exactly what type of metal dust extracting equipment you need then our expert team of staff will be happy to offer you the very best advice possible. We stock a range of different machinery and depending on your requirements, can offer everything from a mobile smaller unit to a full sized industrial option that will cope with pretty much everything that’s thrown at it. Just give us a call today or visit our website at and ask about our range of metal dust extracting equipment. Our staff are waiting for your call!

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