Ultimate Set

The ultimate choise for finishing sheet metal from 15 up to 1200 mm wide. 5 times faster deburring, easy to operate and with finish of choice.

Unique features
Fast deburring, grinding and edge rounding
For sheet metal parts from 15-1200 mm wide
Constant high quality finish
Easy to use and service
Including wet operating extractor and tubing
Dedicated machines for small and wider parts
You determine the finish and edge rounding
Choose vacuum or magnet support
Quick start up and product change times
All component speeds stepless adjustable
Work safe, no dust in the area
Transport, installation and training optional

The Q-Fin Ultimate Set is a combination of the F1200 deburring and grinding machine (for parts up to 1200 mm wide), the F200 XL (for parts between 15 and 200 mm wide) and the WES6000 wet operating extraction system. The ultimate solution for finishing metal parts.

The F1200 is suitable for finishing sheet metal parts from 80 up to 1200 mm wide. Equipped with a vacuum or magnet system. Minimum product dimensions 80 x 80 mm (for the vacuum version). The magnet version is only suitable for finishing steel and other ferrous parts. The vacuum version is suitable for the finishing of stainless steel, aluminium, steel and other non-ferrous parts.

The F200 XL is specially designed to finish sheet metal parts from 10 mm up to 200 mm wide, equipped with a vacuum or magnet system. Minimum product-measurements magnet-version (suitable for steel and other ferrous parts): 10 x 10 mm. Minimum product-measurements for the vacuum-version (suitable for stainless steel, aluminium, steel and other non-ferrous parts): 20 x 20 mm.

Both deburring machines can be combined with one extraction system. With the WES6000 from Q-Fin fire risk is excluded. With this wet-working extraction system you can extract grinding dust without the loss of pressure. The extractor is entirely made of stainless steel and has an extraction capacity of 6000 m3/h. With the WES6000 you also avoid the risk of explosion when grinding aluminium parts.

Q-Fin supports a small machine for small products and a large machine for larger products. The ultimate combination of these machines ensures that you can work with all common products between 10 mm resp. 20 mm and 1200 mm wide.


Operation F200 XL

The F200 XL is a 3 stations machine and is standard equipped with the brush-height tracking system developed by Q-Fin. Combined with the simple button operation this ensures that the configuration and operation of the F200 XL is self-explanatory, resulting in the most user-friendly machine available on the market. VAC or MAG version

The machine is standard equipped with a free adjustable speed for the conveyor belt and the grinding and/or brush units, which makes it possible to perform all imaginable processes and to realise all imaginable results. You decide on the desired finish yourself.

Operation WES6000

WES stands for ‘Wet Extraction System’ and is the easiest, safest and most sustainable way to extract grinding dust according to Q-Fin. With the wet-operating dust extractor, fire and explosion hazards are prevented. Your operators can work in a dust-free area.

The WES6000 wet extraction system can be combined with virtually all our deburring machines, in many cases multiple deburring machines can even be connected to 1 WES extraction system. We can arrange the installation including pipe work if required.

Operation F1200

A deburring and grinding machine for sheet metal parts with a width up to 1200 mm. You determine the finish and degree of edge rounding. Depending on the materials to be processed, you can choose between a vacuum and a magnet system. The conveyor belt will be adapted to this.

The first station of the F1200 exists of a grinding head. The abrasive belt removes the burrs and/or incineration points from the product surface. You can decide yourself on the grain size of the abrasive belt, depending on the height and hardness of the burr. Standard there will be a grinding belt grit K120 on the deburring machine. If there are no burrs, you can leave the grinding belt switched off. It is also possible to use a fine grinding belt (e.g. K320) for line graining your product or to finish it with a scotch brite belt.

The second and third station is our so-called brush unit, fitted with 4 counter-rotating, oscillating brushes. This can break the sharp edges of the product and provide them with a large radius. You can also change the surface finish (e.g. more gloss / lower roughness value) by changing the type and grit of the brushes. By placing special brushes, you can remove oxide layer or do slag removal on steel product with the F1200 (magnet system).

*Minimal product size with the vacuum version 80 x 80 mm; with the magnet version 50 x 50 mm.


• Conveyor belt frequency controlled 0,4 - 10 m1/min
• With vacuum or magnet support
• 2 pcs. 2.2 KW brush engines with frequency control
• Easy to use front panel
• Workpiece width: 10/20 - 200 mm
• Maximum workpiece height: 100 mm
• Connection value machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 16 A, 8 kW
• Measurements: 1850 (2185) x 670 x 2135 mm (L x W X H)
• Weight: 1.090 kg

1.090 KG

• Ventilator 7.5 kW
• Capacity 6000 m3/h
• Fully manufactured in stainless steel
• Automatic filling and levelling
• Comes with 5 dust collectors
• Control by power switch or external machine
• Connection value machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 25 A, 12 kW
• Measurements: 1645 (2070) x 1090 x 2300 (2560) mm (L x W x H)

495 KG

• Conveyor belt frequency controlled 0.4 - 10 m1/min
• With vacuum or magnet support
• 4 pcs. 2.2 KW brush engines with frequency control
• Easy to use control panel
• Workpiece width: 50/80 - 1200 mm*
• Maximum height of the workpiece: 170 mm
• Connection value machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 32 A, 16 kW
• Measurements: 2037 x 2178 x 2090 mm (L x W x H)

2.650 KG

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