A semi-automatic, mobile machine that can be used for grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing.

Unique features
A handheld, mobile machine to be used for grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing.
Faster and lighter than deburring by hand
You determine the grinding pressure
Metal parts can be fixated very quick
Quick change from brush to grinding tool
Easy and safe to operate
Powerful vacuum system for clamping the workpiece
Optional to be equipped with 2 electromagnets (ferrous)
Head easy adjustable in different angles
Finished different material thicknesses and sizes together
Freely adjustable speed
Engine with 2 recording heads M14
Adjustable left or right rotation
Length of workpiece unlimited, width up to 780 mm
Equipped with heat-resistant anti-slip mat
Little maintenance
To be expanded with TopTable for small products
Ergonomic shape
Thoughtful design
Mobile setup
Incl. lockable storage cabinet for grinding tools and equipment
CE approved

The TopGrinder by Q-Fin is a manually operating deburring machine that is suitable for various metal work processes like grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing. The TopGrinder allows you to deburr semi-automatically in a cost-effective manner. With this machine, Q-Fin enables the realisation of very high-grade edge rounding with little effort, straightforward burr grinding and even high-gloss polishing.

The TopGrinder is built ergonomically, robustly executed and especially safe because of the two-button control. This mobile deburring machine is standard equipped with a freely adjustable speed and a vacuum system, so that workpieces are clamped firmly onto the work station while you work safely. You can achieve great time savings compared to manual deburring, just because of the faster fixation of the product.

The balance arm allows you to adjust the grinding pressure to your liking, by means of the spring package, from floating to more pressure. The grinding head is equipped with two holders, enabling you to attach various grinding tools, from standard tools with an M14 fastening, to bowl brushes delivered by Q-Fin for the various processes.

The dimensions of the work area are 1280 x 780 mm. This makes the machine suitable for products up to 780 mm wide. However the front and the sides of the table can be easily lowered, so there is no actual maximum to the product length and also allows for wider products to be finished.

Suitable for processing:
• Stainless steel
• Aluminium
• Steel



The bowl brush ensures the rounding of the edges of the product, both on the outside as at any openings. Our standard brushes have a diameter of 255 mm. Depending on the material to be processed and the desired finish, different versions of brushes are available.


The grinding head is adjustable in various positions (angles) for different processes and grinding tools. Because of the double holders you can change from a brush to a grinding disk within seconds.

For the deburring of the product, you use a support pad with grinding disc. Depending on the height and hardness of the burr, you can set the grinding disc at a slight angle so that you can apply more pressure to the burr.

With the TopGrinder you receive a starter kit with abrasives and grinding materials. In addition to 1 brush (standard G80) various support pads and abrasive discs are included


Optionally, you can choose for a magnet system in the work surface of the TopGrinder. This magnet system is solely intended for ferrous materials and ferritic stainless steel.

The 2 electromagnets are located on the left and right side of the work surface and are very suitable to quickly fixate workpieces of these types of material. Apart from 2, we can also produce the work surface with 4 magnets. Pulling force 300 kg per magnet.


• Mobile and compact setup
• 2.2kW vacuum system standard
• Optional equipped with 2 or 4 electromagnets
• Equipped with 2 grinding heads
• Swing bar with 2-hand operation
• Workpiece width: 780 mm / Length unlimited
• Connection value machine: 400V, 50Hz, 10A, 6kW
• Dimensions: 1435 x 1100 x 1510 mm (L x W x H)

445 KG

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