The best manually operated machine for deburring, rounding, grinding and polishing metal parts.

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Manual finishing machine

The Q-Fin TopGrinder is a manually operated deburring machine suitable for various finishing operations on metal parts including deburring, grinding, edge rounding, slag removal and polishing. With the TopGrinder you can perform semi-automatic deburring at low cost. With this machine, Q-Fin makes it possible to achieve high quality rounding with little effort, to easily grind away burrs and even to polish to a high gloss. The TopGrinder is ergonomically built, robust and extremely safe due to the two-hand operation.

The TopGrinder was developed by Q-Fin for semi-automatic finishing of sheet metal parts.

Dowling Metal Products chooses Q-Fin

‘’Finishing is going really well. Much faster than I expected, the customers are very happy and the bar has gone up. I am really glad with the outcome of the machine. Now I’m learning more about linishing and edge rounding. I feel our decision for the Q-Fin machines will give us the lead on other customers. We will test the machines to the limit.”

– Michael Dowling
Director at Dowling Metal Products


- Mobile and compact setup
- Standard with vacuum system 2.2 kW
- Optional with 2 or 4 electromagnets
- Equipped with 2 grinding heads
- Bracket with double hand control (CE marking)
- Workpiece width: max. 780 mm / length unlimited
- Power consumption of machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 10 A, 6 kW
- Dimensions: 1435 x 1100 x 1510 mm (L x W x H)

445 KG
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