Rapidly milling a perfect radius or bevel.

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Table milling machine

The TopEdge from Q-Fin is a manually operated machine with which you can easily and quickly mill various radii or weld edges at various angles (e.g. for good edge coverage in powder coating). This enables you to produce in accordance with all applicable guidelines. The TopEdge is equipped with a steplessly adjustable speed and a clamping table. Workpieces can be clamped firmly on the table, and in combination with the two-button control you will always be safe at work.

The TopEdge has been developed by Q-Fin to quickly provide your workpiece with a perfect radius.

Metaalcenter Driessen chooses Q-Fin

An “edge rounding” ensures better adhesion of a lacquer or coating. This in combination with our oxide skin free products (steel up to 12mm oxide skin free), the perfect solution for a smooth painted result! A bit of training in ease of operation and maintenance is also part of the deal. Through this training we are refreshed and updated about the new possibilities. We are ready again! As of tomorrow we are back in full production. All in all a beautiful set and a pleasure to work with!

– Antal Driessen
Owner at Metaalcenter Driessen B.V.


- Mobile setup
- Standard with welding table hole pattern
- 4 raisable electromagnets
- 1.1 kW motor with frequency control
- Optional with 2 milling heads instead of 1
- Workpiece width: max. 780 mm/length unlimited
- Power consumption of the machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 10 A, 6 kW
- Dimensions: 1435 x 1100 x 1510 mm (L x W x H)

445 KG
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