Suitable for applying a 2 mm radius to metal sheets up to 600 mm wide.

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Super Edge Rounder

The SER600 is the longest machine in the Q-Fin range. This deburring and grinding machine is equipped with 5 processing stations: a grinding unit (1st station) followed by 4 oscillating brushes (stations 2+3) and 2 round brushes (stations 4+5). You can use this machine to apply a large rounding (R2) to your metal cutting parts. The Super Edge Rounder is suitable for flat sheet metal parts from 4 to 40 mm thick and up to 600 mm wide. The ideal machine for finishing sheet metal parts to be powder coated or galvanised.

The SER600 has been specially developed by Q-Fin to provide flat sheets up to 600 mm wide with a 2 mm radius.

Jos van den Bersselaar chooses Q-Fin

“We had been looking for a long time for a machine to get Radius 2 on various metal parts. The grinding was still done manually or we grinded with a milling tool. That meant unpleasant, a lot of dirty work with a lot of noise. We are now completely done with that. Our employees are very happy with it. ‘We should have had such a machine ten years earlier,’ they said.”

– Adri van Gils
Head of production, Jos van den Bersselaar


- Conveyor belt speed adjustable: 0.3 - 8 m1/min
- With magnetic support for ferrous product fixation
- 1x grinding unit + 4x disc brush + 2x round brush
- Minimum workpiece dimensions: 50 x 50 mm (ferrous)
- Maximum workpiece width: 600 mm
- Maximum workpiece height: 40 mm
- Power consumption of machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 32 A, 16 kW
- Dimensions: 3640 x 1585 x 2085 mm (L x W x H)

3.560 KG
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