SER600 Set

Apply a radius of 2 mm on steel in one pass with this Super Edge Rounder, with magnetic support. Includes safe dust extractor.

Unique features
R=2 mm in one pass
For steel sheet parts from 50-600 mm wide
Also for slag en oxid layer removal
Powerful magnet support
Including stainless steel extractor and piping

The SER600 is the latest development within the Q-Fin product range. This deburring and edge rounding machine is equipped with 5 processing stations: one grinding belt (1st station) followed by 4 oscillating brushes (2nd + 3rd station) and 2 rotating brushes (4th + 5th station). With this machine you can apply a large edge rounding (R2) on your sheet metal parts. The Super Edge Rounder is suitable for flat parts from 4 up to 40 mm thick and a maximum of 600 mm wide. This is the perfect machine for finishing sheet metal parts that need to be powder coated or galvanised.

With the WES6000 from Q-Fin fire risk is excluded. With this wet-working extraction system you can extract grinding dust without the loss of pressure. The extractor is entirely made of stainless steel and has an extraction capacity of 6000 m3/h. With the WES6000 you also avoid the risk of explosion when grinding aluminium parts.

The Superior Set is shipped incl. piping. If required, we also take care of transport, installation and training on location.


Operation SER600

The SER600 is equipped with 5 work stations. The first station is the grinding unit. The 630 mm wide grinding belt is equipped with an oscillation system. This system ensures that the grinding belt remains stable during grinding. Because of the unique cantilever construction, a beautiful line grained finish ('linishing') with this machine is also no problem. Changing a abrasive belt is done in no time.

The second and third station consists of the so called brush unit, equipped with 4 cross rotating, oscillating disc brushes. These give pressure from the top and allow you to remove the sharp edges of the product by breaking the edges. By placing special brushes on the first brush row, you can also remove the laser oxide skin or deslag steel products.

The fourth and fifth machining station consists of 2 oscillating round brushes. These work mainly on the sides of the product. In combination with the 4 disc brushes, this ensures a maximum radius on the product. If you are looking for the extremes you need something special. The Super Edge Rounder SER600.

Operation WES6000

WES stands for 'Wet Extraction System' and according to Q-Fin is the most easy, safe and sustainable way to extract grinding dust. With this wet extractor, fire and explosion risks are excluded. Your operators can work in a clean, dust-free environment. The WES is available as WES3000 and WES6000. These wet dust extractors can be combined with almost all our deburring machines, in many cases even multiple deburring machines can be connected to one WES extraction system.

The WES6000 has a extraction capacity of 6000 m3/h, which is more than sufficient for an efficient dust extraction of the SER600. If required, we can provide installation including pipe work as well as training of your operators on location. Prior to installation, we will draw up an installation lay out together with you, in which we will also draw up all the tubing. We will also provide you with a checklist so you can make sure all the necessary facilities are present before the start of the installation.


• Conveyor belt frequency controlled: 0.3 – 5 m 1/min
• With magnetic product fixation
• 1 grinding unit, 4 disc brushes and 2 round brushes
• Minimum workpiece size: 50 x 50 mm (ferrous metal)
• Maximum workpiece width: 600 mm
• Maximum workpiece height: 40 mm
• Connection value machine: 400V, 50Hz, 32A, 16kW
• Dimensions: 3640 x 1585 x 2085 mm (L x W x H)

3.560 KG

• Ventilator 7.5 kW
• Capacity 6000 m3/h
• Fully manufactured in stainless steel
• Automatic filling and levelling
• Comes with 5 dust collectors
• Control by power switch or external machine
• Connection value machine: 400 V, 50 Hz, 25 A, 12 kW
• Dimensions: 2070 x 1090 x 2560 mm (L x W x H)

495 KG

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