Batch production using a driven input and/or output table.

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Infeed/outfeed conveyor belt

Product feed into the deburring machine via a conveyor belt makes processing large batches of sheet metal parts much more efficient. By also placing a conveyor belt behind the deburring machine, finished parts can be collected at the back.

Q-Fin supplies these input and output conveyor belts in two different types. The IOC belts are very robust and have a length of 3400 mm. These conveyors are linked to the deburring machine in terms of speed and power supply. The IC belts are stand-alone conveyors with their own speed control. The IC600 and IC1200 have a length of 2000 mm.

The infeed and outfeed conveyors were developed by Q-Fin to ensure more efficient material handling and to be able to work faster.

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Dowling Metal Products chooses Q-Fin

Finishing is going really well. Much faster than I expected, the customers are very happy and the bar has gone up. I am really glad with the outcome of the machine. Now Iā€™m learning more about linishing and edge rounding. I feel our decision for the Q-Fin machines will give us the lead on other customers. We will test the machines to the limit.

– Michael Dowling
Director at Dowling Metal Products


IOC600 - IOC1200 ā€“ IOC1500
- Conveyor belt speed adjustable: 0.3 - 8 m1/min
- Drive: 0.75 kW motor with frequency control
- Conveyor belt width: 600, 1200 and 1500 mm resp.
- Length table: 3400 mm
- Conveyor belt material: PVC
- Power supply via deburring machine
- Speed control via the deburring machine
- Maximum belt load: 200 kg
- Machine power supply: 490 V, 50 Hz

IC600 ā€“ IC1200
- Conveyor belt speed adjustable: 0.3 - 6 m1/min
- Drive: 0.75 kW motor with frequency control
- Width of conveyor belt: resp. 600 and 1200 mm
- Length table: 2000 mm
- Conveyor belt material: PVC
- Not connected to the deburring machine
- Speed regulation on conveyor belt
- Maximum belt load: 100 kg
- Machine power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz

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