F600 SP4

The 600 mm wide deburring and finishing machine with planetary brush system. The new standard in smooth edge rounding and surface finishing.

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Planetary finishing machine

The F600 SP4 is a 600 mm wide machine with a planetary brush system. This deburring and finishing machine is equipped with 3 processing stations: a grinding station followed by 2 + 2 planetary heads. Each planetary head is fitted with 4 counter-rotating bowl brushes, so the machine is equipped with 16 bowl brushes (⌀ 155 mm). The oscillation of the 4 planetary heads gives you unrivalled finishing possibilities with this machine. You can use this machine to perform a variety of finishing operations including deburring, rounding and finishing.

The F600 SP4 is the ideal machine for finishing sheet metal parts up to 600 mm wide.

Erba chooses Q-Fin

“We noticed that there was a lot of demand for well-finished sheet metal parts from our customers. They can achieve a much higher level of finish with these parts and they save a lot of time compared to when breaking edges and rounding them off with a handheld grinder, for example. We are pleased to see that in this way we can also contribute to the quality improvement that is taking place at our customers.”

– Erwin van Soest
Director at Erba Plaatbewerking B.V.


- Conveyor belt speed adjustable: 0.3 - 8 m1/min
- With vacuum or magnet support
- 4 pcs. 2,2 kW brush motors with frequency control
- Min. workpiece dimension: 50x50 mm (MAG) / 80x80 mm (VAC)
- Maximum workpiece width: 600 mm
- Maximum workpiece height: 150 mm
- Machine power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz, 32 A, 16 kW
- Dimensions: 2030 x 1585 x 2085 mm (L x W x H)

2,150 KG
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