F200 XL

Suited for sheet metal parts between 10 and 200 mm wide. Deburring, grinding and edge rounding at high speed.

Unique features
Unique vacuum system for product fixation
5x faster than comparable machines
You determine the finish and edge rounding
Suitable for very small sheet metal parts
Easy to operate, short set up time
For sheet metal parts with a width from 10 up to 200 mm
Deburring, grinding and edge rounding
Suitable for very small sheet metal parts
Completely smooth edge rounding
Non-directional or line grain grinding
Freely adjustable speed of: convey belt, brush unit and grinding unit
Constant quality
Choice between vacuum (non-ferrous) or magnetic (ferrous) transport system
Standard equipped with 1 abrasive belt and 2 brushes
Unique brush height tracking system
Quick abrasive belt change system
Easy adjustable brushes for brush wear compensation
Plate thickness automatically adjustable with digital reading
Safe and convenient to use
Clear work process, everything is clearly visible
Little maintenance and easy and quick cleaning
Choice in setup of the 3 stations
Closed setup: safe and no dust in the area
Easy to move and to install
CE approved

The F200 XL is a 3 station finishing machine suited for deburring, grinding and/or edge rounding of flat metal parts. This deburring machine has a grinding belt followed by two stationary brushes, one turning clockwise and the other one counter-clockwise. The grinding belt eliminates burrs or can give the product a line grain finish. The brushes ensure the product no longer has sharp edges and provide the surface with a smooth finish. Compared to the F200, the F200 XL has an extra brush unit resulting in a faster processing speed and more rounding of the edges.

The F200 XL is a 3-stations machine and is standard equipped with the brush-height tracking system developed by Q-Fin. Combined with the simple button system this ensures that the configuration and operation of the F200 is self-explanatory, resulting in the most user-friendly machine available on the market. The machine is standard equipped with a free adjustable speed for the convey belt and the grinding and/or brush head(s), which makes it possible to perform all imaginable processes and to realise all imaginable results. You decide on the desired finish yourself.

The F200 XL at your choice, either has a vacuum system (for non-ferrous metals, for example stainless steel and aluminium) or a magnet system (for ferrous metals). These systems ensure an effective fixation of the products to be processed on the convey table and as a result even small workpieces (from 10 x 10 mm with magnet-support) can be processed safely, quickly and without any problems. It is with good reason that at Q-Fin we are convinced of a narrow machine for small workpieces and a wider machine for large workpieces. In many cases, the throughput speed of this machine is 5 times higher than of comparable machines. Take the test yourself and make an appointment.

Suitable for processing:
• Stainless steel
• Aluminium
• Steel



The unique brush-height tracking system ensures the protection of the conveyor belt. Brush wear can be easily compensated for.

The bowl brush ensures the rounding of the edges of the product, both on the outside as at any openings. Our standard brushes have a diameter of 255 mm. Depending on the material to be processed and the desired finish, different versions of brushes are available.


The first station of the F200 XL exists of a grinding head. The abrasive belt removes the burrs and/or incineration points from the product surface. You can decide yourself on the grain size of the abrasive belt, depending on the height and hardness of the burr. You can change an abrasive belt in a minute.

The second and third station are usually brushes. This can break the sharp edges of the product and provide these with a rounding. Furthermore, the brush gives a smooth finish to the surface.


If required, we can arrange the installation of the machine, in combination with a Q-Fin extractor system or not. Training of the operators on location or in Bergeijk is also part of the possibilities.

With the delivery of the F200 XL you will receive a starter kit with abrasives and grinding materials. It includes a brush (standard G80) and 5 abrasive belts.


• Conveyor belt frequency controlled 0,3 – 5 m1/min
• With vacuum or magnet support
• 2 pieces of 2.2 kW brush engines frequency controlled
• Minimum workpiece size: 10x10 mm (MAG) / 20x20 mm (VAC)
• Maximum workpiece width: 200 mm
• Maximum workpiece height: 100 mm
• Connection value machine: 400V, 50Hz, 16A, 8kW
• Dimensions: 1850 x 670 x 2145 mm (L x W x H)

1090 KG

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