The small powerhouse for deburring and rounding sheet metal parts from 10 to 200 mm wide.

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Small parts specialist

The F200 is a 3-station machine suitable for deburring, grinding and/or rounding small sheet metal parts. This deburring machine has a grinding unit as the first processing station, followed by two bowl brushes. The grinding belt removes burrs or, if required, gives the product a nice line finish. The brushes round off the product and give the surface an even finish. The F200 has 2 counter-rotating brushes which ensure optimal rounding.

The F200 has been developed by Q-Fin to finish, at high speed, small flat plate parts up to 200 mm wide.

Benier chooses Q-Fin

Combination of machines offered the speed we were looking for. “Why? Because they could offer a combination of machines for small and large sheet metal parts. When we reviewed our process, we found out that 80% of our parts are smaller than 200 mm, 20% is larger. If you buy one machine for all dimensions, it will make unnecessarily long strokes with the many small sheet metal parts. That takes a lot of time, not very efficient. But Q-Fin had the perfect combination. All small parts go on the F200 XL, the other on the F1200. Ideal! You can work quickly with both of them; we can therefore deburr much more per hour than with one other machine. Furthermore, at Q-fin they have no no-nonsense equipment. That’s what we were looking for. No complex controls, endless settings on large screens. Off you go, easy to operate. This also makes such machines practically error-free. And with basic instructions, everyone can quickly get to work with them.”

– Joost Wevers
Production manager at Benier Nederland BV


- Conveyor belt speed adjustable: 0.3 - 8 m1/min
- With vacuum or magnetic support
- 2 pcs. 2,2 kW brush motors with frequency control
- Min. workpiece dimension: 10x10 mm (MAG) / 20x20 mm (VAC)
- Maximum workpiece width: 200 mm
- Maximum workpiece height: 100 mm
- Machine power consumption: 400 V, 50 Hz, 16 A, 8 kW
- Dimensions: 1850 x 670 x 2145 mm (L x W x H)

1.090 KG
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