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Slag removal machine

Removing slags with hammer and chisel is time consuming and physically demanding work for which Q-Fin has an automatic solution! Q-Fin introduces the DS600, a freestanding machine which easily removes slag from cutting parts and prevents contamination in the deburring machine.

The DS600 has been developed by Q-Fin to easily remove slag from sheet metal up to 600 mm wide.

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VDL Mast Solutions chooses Q-Fin

“Thanks to the 1200 mm wide slag removal machine followed by an F1200 deburring and rounding machine from Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines, the necessary parts for mast constructions are of an even higher quality. This will reduce the need to use a grinder after the cutting process, resulting in less inconvenience on the work floor and quicker, evenly rounded parts. Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines thanks you for the beautiful machines and good service!”

– Paul Joordens
Managing director at VDL Mast Solutions


- Conveyor belt speed adjustable: 0.3 - 5 m1/min
- Drive: 0.75 kW motor with frequency control
- Product fixation: magnet (for ferrous parts)
- Conveyor belt material: EPDM
- Control: via switch box or external machine
- Minimum workpiece dimensions: [LxW] 65x65 mm (L and B ≥ 5 x H)
- Workpiece width: 600 mm
- Maximum belt load: 100 kg
- Machine connection: 400 V, 16 A, 8 kW
- Dimensions : 1610 x 1750 x 2079 mm (L x W x H)

800 KG
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