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Of most broad belt grinding machines for grinding sheet metal it is generally known that smaller parts cannot be processed by these grinding machines. It is simply not possible, or very difficult. If it is possible, the risk of damaging these grinding machines is major.

For the treatment of smaller parts from metal, like these often come off the conveying table and launched by the brush material into the grinding machine, with often much damage as a result. A broader machine lacks the possibilities to properly and safely transport the smaller workpieces because of a lack of pressure rollers there where the brush material and hence the treatment is. The distances between the pressure rollers are large, and are nowadays often solved with a vacuum system.

The vacuum system on a large grinding machines only starts working with larger workpieces because the vacuum pressure can then be increased. The holes in the table are only then closed off for a larger part and slowly some vacuum pressure arises. For smaller workpieces, the leakage is enormous and no vacuum pressure arises. The force to vacuum a small workpiece down is nil, and in fact they are simply loose in the grinding machine. By lowering the speed of the pressures far down, they might stay put. This is not very safe, and often it goes wrong and damage is caused.  Q-fin offers the solution for this with top-quality grinding machines, giving you the possibility to produce a straight line grain finish, e.g. grit K320.

Our belt grinding machines are fast and easy to operate. Grinding belt exchange is quick and simple. Using other abrasives like Scotch-Brite is no problem. You determine the finish!

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