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Working in the industrial sector requires the highest standards of attention to detail, including both end production and safety too. Over time, machinery can wear down, showing signs of ageing with failing parts and burring. This then leads to low quality output and eventually, machine failure. At Q-Fin, we are here to ensure you never have to face that situation, stepping in to offer daily, custom solutions for your company.

We have a great deal of passion for our business and our staff are experts in their field. They have seen for themselves the issues that metal industry businesses face on a daily basis and the harder you work, the quicker you are liable to need our services. When dealing with any kind of metal, from aluminium, steel or any number of friendly sheet metal options, the condition of your equipment is vital to success.

In fact it only takes a slight oversight, for worn down machinery parts to have a drastic and unwanted effect on the production of your company. Burring occurs when the constant use of machinery produces tiny indentations and metal spurs. These worsen over time and gradually have a more visual effect on the products you create. Aluminium, steel and friendly sheet metal are all open to these issues and they should be tackled as early as possible, to prevent costly equipment failure.

This is an essential part of maintenance for your machinery and, when acted upon early enough, can help prevent further damage. Wear and tear on machinery can also prove a health hazard in the workplace, so for this reason alone it is one of the most important issues you will face on a daily basis. If you would like advice about our machinery availability and options, please give our team a call today.

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