F600 SP4

The new standard in smooth edge rounding and surface finish.

Unique features
High processing speed
Smooth edge rounding
Non-directional or line finish
Easy operation through HMI
Compact build
Combination of applications in one pass
Large edge rounding possible
Powerful vacuum system (non-ferrous) or magnet system (ferrous)
Combination of operations in one pass
Compact, stable and safe machine
Large edge rounding possible
Freely adjustable speed of: convey belt, brush unit and grinding unit
Constant quality, easily reproducible
You determine the finish and degree of rounding
Stable grinding pattern possible
Equipped with 4 oscillating planetary heads which each have 4 crosswise rotating disc brushes
Fast switching time
Unique brush height tracking system
Easy adjustable brushes for brush wear compensation
Safe and convenient to use

The F600 SP4 is a 600 mm wide machine with planetary brush system. This deburring and finishing machine is equipped with 3 machining stations: one grinding station followed by 2 + 2 planetary heads. Each planetary head is equipped with 4 rotating disc brushes. Due to oscillation of the 4 planetary heads, this machine offers unmatched finishing possibilities. With the F600 SP4 you can perform a variety of finish operations including deburring, edge rounding and finishing. The ideal machine for finishing your sheet metal parts up to 600 mm wide.

Suitable for processing:
• Stainless steel
• Aluminium
• Steel


Grinding unit

The first station of the F600 SP4 consists of a grinding unit. The 630 mm wide grinding belt of this unit removes burrs and/or burn-in points from the product surface. If you do not have burrs, the abrasive belt can be left off or removed. It is also possible to apply a line finish to your product with a finer grinding belt or to finish it with a scotch-brite belt. Changing a grinding belt is done in no time by means of the quick-release system.

Planetary brush unit

The second and third station consists of the so called planetary brush unit, equipped with 4 planetary heads each with 4 cross rotating oscillating disc brushes (⌀ 155 mm). The 4 planetary heads move from left to right over the surface of product giving pressure from above. The F600 SP4 is the first machine to use this unique brushing system and results in an even edge rounding of contours and recesses at high speed. An unseen finishing technique resulting a a unique finish. The 16 disc brushes are equipped with a quick-change and locking system.

Digital operation

The F600 SP4 is equipped with an interactive HMI touchscreen. The extremely simple operation of the machine is not only durable, but also reliable and practical. The touchscreen has multilingual information for the operator and makes it easy to set up and adjust the machine. All components of the machine can be infinitely adjusted in the clear screen. The user manual can also be called up quickly.


• Conveyor belt frequency controlled 0,3 – 5 m1/min
• With vacuum or magnet support
• 4 pcs. of 2.2 kW brush engines frequency controlled
• Minimum workpiece size: 50x50 mm (MAG) / 80x80 mm (VAC)
• Maximum workpiece width: 600 mm
• Maximum workpiece height: 150 mm
• Connection value machine: 400V, 50Hz, 32A, 16kW
• Dimensions: 2030 x 1585 x 2085 mm (L x W x H)

2,150 KG

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