Steel cutting can occur when steel is cut, these are accumulations of molten steel on the edges of the product. After various processing methods such as plasma cutting and autogenous cutting, these slag can remain on the products, which gives an undesirable result. These cutting methods are usually used when cutting thicker steel plates. A number of factors influence the formation of slag. Most of them have to do with the material itself. This may concern material temperature, surface properties such as a thick mill skin or rust and material composition. For example, more slags will form with alloys with a lot of carbon.
In practice, snails are often knocked off the product with a hammer. A special approach is needed to remove these slag mechanically and it can be realized with the Q-Fin deburring machines. By installing special slag swatter brushes on the F600 or F1200 with magnet support, you can remove these slag easily and quickly.