The solution for mechanical deburring, grinding and edge rounding.

At Q-Fin Quality finishing Machines we develop, build and sell machines for the deburring, grinding and edge rounding of metal components. Furthermore, we deliver solutions for the extraction of grinding dust. Dutch knowledge, know-how and professionalism, i.e. Dutch Finishing Solutions. All our deburring machines are developed in-house, and with solely A-components. A Dutch product to be proud of!

Q-Fin B.V. was founded in 2013 by Anton Bax and Koen de Waard. The combination of 30 years of experience in grinding and deburring technology and knowledge of machine construction created unique opportunities in the development and construction of our machines. Since July 2017, we moved into our new building at the address Wilgenakker 8 in Bergeijk. Currently we work with 30 enthusiastic people and with the increasing awareness of the quality of our machines, our team is growing along with us.

Chain integration and the increasing demands that are placed on the optimisation of products have as a consequence that companies increasingly devote attention to the finishing of products. The machines of Q-Fin can relieve production companies in the sheet processing industry from the finishing of their products and ensure that they can deliver sheet components to their clients with a consistent finish in accordance with the specifications. We want to offer production companies an effective and cost-efficient solution to be able to process products in a controllable and safe manner.

Q-Fin wants to belong to the top of Europe in terms of building high-quality deburring machines. Q-Fin highly values innovation and we want our machines for the deburring, grinding and rounding of metal components to be and to remain leading in the field.

We use the technical and practical knowledge within the Q-Fin organisation for the development, fabrication and sales of innovative deburring and related machines. By building superior machines in terms of speed and choices in finishing possibilities, and the offering of a high-grade service, we aim for customer loyalty.

The perfect rounding comes from our hand. We are proud of it at Q-Fin.